PS Multi Tools v12

All-in-one Playstation Management Tool for Windows.
Compatible with PS2 & PS3 Games. (PSP & PS Vita support coming soon!)

Features of PS Multi Tools

PS3 Tools

  • Manage PS3 Games (Uncompressed or PKG)
  • Sign PKG Files
  • Format Large External HDDs in FAT32
  • Modify PARAM.SFO Files
  • Decrypt & Sign EBOOT.BIN Files
  • Compare MD5 Hashes
  • Convert PSX Game to PS3 PKG
  • Convert PS2 Game to PS3 compatible Game
  • Download PS3 Covers
  • Compress or Extract ISO Files

PS2 Tools

  • Manage PS2 Games (ISO or uncompressed)
  • Easy SMB Setup to share your ISOs within your Network
  • PAL to NTSC ISO Converter
  • NTSC to PAL ISO Converter
  • Various ELF/ISO Loaders
  • Compress Games into ISO File
  • Extract PS2 ISO Games
  • Format HDD to use with your PS2
  • Download PS2 Covers

PS Multi Tools also offers the newest Firmware & Homebrew downloads within the application.


PS Multi Tools v12 [Space] is now available. Changelogs of the NEWEST BUILDS, please click on this link.
This is a re-designed version of PS Multi Tools with a lot of improvements and updated features.

New Features

PS3 Library - Now loading PKG files into Library
PS2 Library - Now loading PS2 ISO files into Library
PS2 Library - Compress selected game folder as ISO or extract GameISO


PS3 Library - Changed from ListView to DataGridView
PS3 Library - Improved loading games
PS3 Library - You can set now the Backup Directory in "Settings->Save Games into this directory:"
PS Multi Tools - Internet Connection is not more required but recommended


PS3 Library - Loading folders instead of games
PS3 Library - ContextMenu opened everywhere
ISO Tools - Creating & Extracting ISO files (never seemed to work)
PS2 Library - Error message when selecting a game
PS2 Library - Loading folders instead of games


Copy Manager - New Copy Manager
Downloader - New Downloader
Redesign of all PS2/PS3 Tools


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