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PS3 Convert & Inject v1.2.5 is now available.

Will be replaced soon with PS Backup Manager :)


PS3 Convert & Inject v1.1

PS3 Convert & Inject v1.2

PS3 Convert & Inject v1.2.5

Test Tools:

IDPS Injector v1 (Create backup with OpenPSID & IDPS)



Scr.1 Convert Window

Scr.2 Game converting

Scr.3 Update Window

Scr.4 Backup Manager Window

Scr.5 Exclusive Method Assistant

Exlusive Method Help

Game patches included in v1.2

Upcoming in v1.3

Thanks to:

number201724's make_npdata

kakaroto's ps3xport

PSDevWiki's CFW2OFW Compat. List

draqen@elotrolado & PSXHax and santeleco @PSXHax.com for 4.81 Methods