Changelogs v1.2.X:

- v1.2.5: Injecting with IDPS (Seems not to work really. UPDATE: Test Tool now released, requires PSID & IDPS to use!)

- UI: Exclusive Method Assistant (Also now provides help in german and french)

- Settings: Italian (by @Checcolin80) & Russian (by xetrin) Language

- Settings: Enable 4.81 Methods (more in next update, sources below, no need for another CFW console)

- Game Updates: Added and

- Converter: Now loads NPXX12345 folders too. Game will probably not be converted but opens the Exclusive Method Assistant if necessary.

* If you use a bad IDPS file the application will exit with a success message directly after trying to inject

Changelogs v1.1:

- Settings: German & French Language

- Settings: Warnings (after conversion) if the game requires an 'Exclusive Method' with required informations

- UI: Game Title now shows up in the Backup Manager

- Fix: While converting games, the correct Game ID will be shown (After the first game it did show the converted name)

Release notes v1:

- Convert multiple PS3 games at once

- Creates and manages game folders auto. (renaming BLES->NPEA ..)

- Find Updates on

- Extract .pkg files

- Create an entire new backup with selected games

- Inject games to your existing backup

- Creates dev_hdd0 at games folder to save space or creates an entire new working directory